Figure Saller Alpha (Unreleased)

//Figure Saller Alpha (Unreleased)
Figure Saller Alpha (Unreleased)2018-09-16T02:24:09+00:00

Project Description


Figure Saller is a simple idle game that is used to fill free time.
starting with 2 items for sale, you should be able to increase your income to reach the target as $ 1M. You should be able to increase your income by making goods, upgrading items, and creating new items with blueprints that can be obtained at the shop.

[game fiture] – upgrade the price of the goods
– make stuff
– goods tax

reminder: this game is still in development stage.



EMERSON BURNSProgrammer - Game Tech 2014
Saat mengerjakan game ini, saya minum kopi sebanyak 3x dalam sehari
LEE MILLERGame Designer - Game Tech 2014
Game ini merupakan hasil kerja team kami yang luar biasa
Game ini sangat menarik dari segi mekanis, walaupun desain assetnya sederhana